Reckon One - Quarterly BAS, but Gross Wages & Tax withheld by monthly instalments

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I see this question posted years ago, with response that implementation was in the pipeline - but I can not see yet how to do this.
We have become a mid size business according to the tax office - and now have to report (and pay) gross wages and tax withheld monthly, but GST etc quarterly.  I can see how to do BAS monthly - but that is not what I need.  I can not see how to do BAS wages/tax withheld monthly (these figures can be done via payroll though) - and then those amts to not be included in the quarterly BAS  - ie the quarterly BAS is to have only one months Wages/tax withheld (for the final month), but full quarter of GST stuff.
Can someone advise whether I am missing something - and it can be done, or whether it is still in the pipeline all this time later.  
 really dont want to have to manually adjust things in this day and age.


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    I'm in the same boat, having to manually do the monthly calculation. As far as I have been able to find out that's the only way.
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    I'm new to Reckon One and just had a go at the Tax/BAS for Q4 2021. We report and pay PAYG monthly and GST Quarterly, but when I ran this Tax/BAS I got the whole quarter of Wages/PAYG when it should only have included the month of June.

    Is this really still an issue - I see your post is from 2019 .......