can reckon one email all customers monthly statements as one batch email

Andrew Cleverley
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I am using reckon one, and i am wanting to send all of my customers an end of month statement each month. I have over 200 customers and to sit there and send them all a statement individually is very time consuming. Can this not be done as one batch email? the same as when payslips are emailed its one batch email?

any help would be appreciated


  • John_P
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    Hello Andrew

    Like many other users I share your frustration.

    This facility has been requested for some time now, but has yet to be implemented. This request also applied to Invoices as well.
    Here's hoping!


    John P.
  • Andrew Cleverley
    Andrew Cleverley Member Posts: 17
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    Hi John

    This for me is probably one of the biggest down falls for the whole reckon one software, Cash flow is the most important thing for any business and without this function i believe it cripples all small business as the time it takes for this to be done individually is extreme.

    Do you know if reckon have mentioned anything about this being a priority in the future or is it not on there radar at all.

    Many other accounting softwares do this standard

  • Rav
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    Hi guys,
    This is certainly on the feature request list and logged already on our Ideas Portal, its not the most popular request among users but its definitely up there on the list. I'd highly recommend adding your vote to it HERE as updates & future inclusion decisions are based on demand from users derived from the Ideas Portal.
  • Andrew Cleverley
    Andrew Cleverley Member Posts: 17
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    I will definitely add my vote and I encourage everyone to vote PLEASE, everyone I talk to who uses reckon spends hours doing this exact process.
     Thanks Rav 
  • Jason Kociolek
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    Rav, Was there any update on the feature for emailing all statements and multiple invoices in one action?
  • jasonk
    jasonk Member Posts: 1

    Is there any update on this feature yet.