DATA RECOVERY: How to create a backup in Reckon Accounts (Desktop) with complete verification

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Follow the steps below to create a backup file with complete verification.

With your company data file open in the Reckon Accounts program.

1. Click on the File menu > Save Copy or Backup

2. Select the Backup copy option and then click the Next button

3. In the Save Backup: Method screen, click on the Options button 

4. In the Save Backup Copy: Options screen you can configure specific settings.


You need to decide where you want your backup sets stored.

You may have for example an external hard disk drive or a specially designated documents folder on your local hard disk drive where you prefer to store your data files and backup files.

Click on the Browse button you can choose the folder location where the backup file will be saved and stored.

Select the “Complete verification (recommended)” option and then click the OK button.

5. Once you are back in the Save Backup: Method screen, click on the Finish button to proceed with the backup process.

If you are prompted with a similar dialog window select "Use this Location


6. Once the backup has completed you will be prompted with a similar message prompt as shown below. Click the OK button

7. We recommend that you also regularly keep a secondary copy of the backup which you could store on an online file storage service (online backup) or to an external portable hard disk drive or high capacity USB flash drive.