error from ato “declined”

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    Hi Susan,
    That message shows that somewhere along the line a number over 2 decimal places has been entered into the tax field and super field. You'll see there is $1104.025 listed for tax and $528.384 for super guarantee in the message.

    To fix it you need to create an adjustment (Pay run screen > blue + symbol > New Adjustment) to bring the figure back to a valid 2 decimal number eg. you could create a negative adjustment for something like -$0.025 for tax and -$0.384 for super for this employee. This will bring the figures back to $1104.00 and $528.00 respectively.
    Use your discretion here, it just needs to come back to a valid 2 decimal place number so you can create the adjustment as you see fit provided it brings the figures back to 2 decimal places.
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