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Andrew Cleverley
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Why is reckon one, one of the only accounting platforms that does not have automated invoice reminders? I’ve searched all through the community and this has been asked time and time again for over 5 years why has this feature not been developed?


  • Rav
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    Hi Andrew,
    We've had this feature request logged in our Ideas Portal (you'll find it HERE). Its not the most popular idea as voted by users at the moment but its certainly up there and would add a lot of value to workflow & productivity. The reality is, there have been a fair number of large scale implementations we've introduced to Reckon One over the last little while such as STP, a full re-work of the bank reconciliation process, recurring transactions, fast coding etc to name a few which have all taken time, resources and people. The flipside of this unfortunately though is that some other features/areas take a bit longer to come through.
    In saying all that, we're highly committed to ensuring we make additions that users themselves want/need where possible and I'd highly recommend adding your vote on the feature request.
  • cafe_elmwood
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    Hi Andrew,

    Im new to Reckon and this is the most frustrating feature that is missing. I couldn't agree more, I am considering other options as its quite a simple feature!