I can't delete a 'closed' customer adjustment note

Rachael Croft
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This had been done before but not fully addressed. 

I am unable to delete a 'closed' adjustment note when it's a business instead of an individual, it just won't let me unlink it and comes up with the following: "Please select a contact that is a supplier to process this payment transaction".  I note this was an issue 4 years ago but that thread is closed and i can't reactivate it.  I have removed all payments etc. but no joy.  PLEASE help!!

I am able to unlink other 'closed' adjustment notes as long as it's an individual, not a business.  I figure that's the issue? 


  • Felicity Bleckly_10462754
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    Since you can't delete it and the customer is no longer with you could you put a same through and credit the adjustment against it. This then cancels it all out
  • BlueLion
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    I just had this problem too and came here only to find so many of the same questions and no help 🙄

    But I have a fix for you. Go to Banking then Reckon One Transactions find your adjustment in the list and you can press the X on the far right and delete it from there!