IMPORTANT: Reckon BankData Yodlee Update

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Hi everyone,

As part of our ongoing commitment to bank data feeds we released an improved Yodlee service late last year. This service, known as Yodlee FastLink, was available to users setting up new bank data feeds. Since Yodlee FastLink was released we have been running both old and new services side by side whilst we ensured FastLink met our customers requirements.

With some exceptional feedback from those using FastLink in regards to reliability, accuracy and a much improved MFA experience, we are pleased to announce that we are now switching all Yodlee data feeds to the FastLink service as of the 1st of April, 2020.

To continue to receive your bank feeds via the new improved Yodlee FastLink service, you will need to delete your existing Yodlee Feed and reconnect to the new service via the Add Feed Wizard before the 1st of April 2020.

For further information on deleting the existing service and signing up to Yodlee FastLink, click HERE.

For those using direct bank data feeds a re-connection is not required. To determine if you are currently utilising the old Yodlee service please follow the above instructions.


  • Peter_8050175
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    Hi Rav,

    Hell of a time to add more workload to everyone's schedule.   I am personally experiencing some very serious glitches that may well be linked to this new Fastlink service. 

    If my glitches are due to the new Fastlink (which sound highly likely) then my feedback would be that it is far from reliable - or even functional currently! 

    After 2 weeks at focused on this, I still have an open ticket case number #5877999 and within this support community no-one has yet been able to assist with a single query I have posted.  My accountants can't yet work out a solution either.

    I had no problems with bank data importing until I was forced to make my latest upgrade to Reckon Premier 2019 and as no one has been able to assist me in fixing it yet, I am under severe time pressure with looming deadlines I am now struggling to meet as a direct consequence already.

    Why would you choose NOW to send an email hitting us with yet another deadline when we are all currently busy fighting off going to the wall with this covid-19?

    Please reconsider imposing this upon us all as well right now.  I don’t have the time to study up and learn about this now as well!

    Kind regards

  • Rav
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    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for getting in touch and I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time of late.
    I've found your account and I can see that you've been having some ongoing discussions with our team. I'm still in the process of gathering full information on what is happening on our end for it but from initial observation, the changes mentioned in my post above will not impact you are not utilising the BankData service but rather using the manual upload method.

    Let me come back to you shortly in regard to an update on your case which I expect to have very soon.

  • Rav
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    Just following up on this, a technician will be in touch with you very soon to have a further chat.
  • Mary_10571362
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    Hi I just came accross this chat! I am experiencing problems with the manual upload method.It does not give me the menu option to "import file"  I did not have any  issues uploading two weeks ago.  I thought it was just a problem with DEMO mode but once I subscribed I am still experiencing the same thing.I would really like some help on this please.