Reckon One UPDATE (8 April 2020) - Tax File Number Declaration

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Hi everyone!
We're very excited to announce Reckon One's new update today which brings in the highly anticipated Tax File Number (TFN) declaration!

Tax File Number declaration is available on the Reckon One Payroll - Medium module.
This new feature will save you time on manual admin, reduce paperwork and streamline your payroll reporting - all with the click of a button!

You can now automatically lodge your new employee TFN declarations straight to the ATO using Single Touch Payroll reporting, instead of processing it manually.

All you have to do is enter the TFN declaration date on the employee's record and it will be automatically lodged when you next submit a Single Touch Payroll report through Reckon GovConnect - it’s really that simple. LEARN MORE HERE


Note: If you are currently using Payroll Lite and would like access to the Tax File Number Decaration feature you can upgrade to Payroll Medium for just a few dollars a month! Simply customise your modules under ’Settings’ on your book tile after signing into the Reckon Portal


  • Hawk
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    If a casual worker has no more payrun, in another words, no more STP for him/her, does their TFN declaration still sending over at GovConnect? Sometimes, workers left the job before providing the employer with their TFN Declaration within the period stated by ATO.
  • kenl90
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    Rav... disappointed. TFN declaration should be part of the Payroll Lite since GovConnect is already integral in Payroll Lite.
  • Cathy Moss Booth
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    Is this feature available on Reckon Hosted? I have been looking in the employee information and cannot find TFN declaration.
  • Rachel Reynolds
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    I agree, will this be added to Payroll Lite also?
  • Chris Nicoll
    Chris Nicoll Member Posts: 4

    Can we lodge TFN declarations if we use Reckon Accounts Premier desktop version

  • Rav
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    Hi @Chris Nicoll,

    Yes, TFN declaration is available in Reckon Accounts 2020 (Desktop).

    Check out more info on this in our Help Guide here - Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration with Reckon Accounts

  • Lynne_8946547
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    Hi, I have recently used this feature for the first time. The submission to the portal still has a status of 'Pending', yet the 2 submissions made after this one have the status 'Success'. Is this normal that this one would take longer to process?