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Hi all.Hoping someone can help . Need urgent help as my Google Authenicator App linked for STP that was on my old Iphone when it malfunctioned, is no longer working.Please advise me as to where I go from here as I cannot report our weekly STP without it. I no longer have my old phone and have downloaded the app to my new phone.
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    Hi Christine,
    Do you retain the Recovery PIN for your MFA?
    If so, you can remove the existing MFA yourself through your profile in the Reckon Portal, I'll add a link below on our guide that outlines this -
    How to revoke Multi-Factor Authentication using Recovery PIN for Reckon GovConnect STP?

    If you don't have the PIN or access to the old authenticator then you'll need to give our support team a buzz and we'll make arrangements to revoke the MFA linked to your account after verifying your details.
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