STP gmail sign on missing

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Where has the gmail sign on gone to get into STP govt connect?


  • Preece MitchellPreece Mitchell Member Posts: 21
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    Can anyone help?
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,763 Administrator
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    Hi Preece,
    Apologies for missing your post.

    To provide a bit of context on this, a couple of weeks ago the in-product Internet Explorer browser within Hosted that usually directs to the Portal experienced an issue where it was bringing up a blank page error.
    I believe the team had to upgrade the browser version to rectify this problem however the Google CDN that allows for the 'Sign-in with Google' button has not been made available on this version of Internet Explorer.

    So long story short, to resolve this in the interim what you can do is open a separate tab on your browser and go to the Reckon Portal from there - 
    You'll be able to see all sign-in options from here including the Google option which you can use to sign-in.

    You will need to download your STP .json file from Hosted to your local PC. Use the Floating Toolbar in Hosted to download it so that you can upload it to GovConnect.

    Alternatively, our support team can also change your login type from 'Google' to a 'normal' type which means that you can just login in with your email address & password from the browser that opens within Hosted.

    Let me know if you have any trouble or any questions on the above.
  • Preece MitchellPreece Mitchell Member Posts: 21

    So when will this be rectified Rav?

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