Reckon Accounts Hosted UPDATE: Bounced Email notification

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Hi everyone!

We've just released the highly requested 'Bounced Email Notification' feature to Reckon Accounts Hosted!

This new feature will save you time spent chasing customers and help to ensure your invoices don't go unpaid!

If you've sent an email from Accounts Hosted which can't be delivered, you'll now receive an automated email informing you that the email has bounced, with information about the cause of the bounce.

Depending on the reason for the email to bounce, it can take up to 16 hours to receive the bounce notification.

We recommend that you whitelist the [email protected] email address to ensure that any bounce notifications don't get lost in your spam folder.

For more information about the Bounced Email Notification feature, check out our help guide below -

HELP GUIDE: Bounced Email Notification - Reckon Accounts Hosted



  • Bruce
    Bruce Member Posts: 401 ✭✭✭

    I know this has been a long time coming, but great to see this feature finally added

  • Bev13
    Bev13 Member Posts: 8

    I have received 10 Bounce emails Saturday advising that payslips were not delivered on Friday when they had actually already been delivered. Is this happening only to me or does the system need to be refined?

    NEILR Reckon Staff Posts: 12 Reckon Staff

    Hi Bev,

    You shouldn't be getting a Bounce Notification unless the email did actually bounce.

    Can you check the Employee's record and make sure they don't have multiple email addresses entered in the Email field, if you hover the mouse over the Email field, it will show the full text of what email address(es) are recorded against the employee, maybe there are multiple and one of the email addresses bounced.

    Also, under Edit - Preferences - Send Forms, check whether there is an email address selected for Payslips in the BCC field, it may be that this email address bounced.

    In the bounce notification, it will show the email address that bounced, is that the correct email address where the employee received the Payslip?

    If you can forward at least two of the Bounce Notification emails to [email protected]  and Attn to Neil, we'll have a look into it and see if we can figure out what happened.

    NEILR Reckon Staff Posts: 12 Reckon Staff

    Hi Bev,

    I think we know what is causing this.

    It seems that if the recipient has an 'Out Of Office' auto-reply set up on their email, the system will send a bounce notification even though the email was successfully received.

    If this is the case, in the Bounce Notification, you should see it has the below Type and Reason:

    Bounce Type: Transient

    Reason: undefined

    We're currently looking into how we can improve this functionality in the case of an 'Out of Office' response.

  • Bev13
    Bev13 Member Posts: 8

    Hi Neil,

    Your first response was closer to the mark. I had entered my own email into the Bcc of the default email text so I would receive a copy also, and it was the email to me that was bouncing. Perhaps this needs to be investigated further, perhaps more for supplier remittances than for payslips. All good for now though.

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