Invitation for Accountant access & STP new phone number

Bernessa Roost
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Hello brains trust.

I hope this finds everyone well and happy!

I have two questions today, if someone could assist I would be ever so grateful.

  1. We have a new accountant who has asked if is is possible with Reckon Hosted for us to send him an invitation to access?
  2. I need to add another phone number to the STP portal as we have two lots of payroll departments and currently only one staff member can get the access code sent to them.

Many thanks in advance. 😀


  • Acctd4
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    Hi Bernessa

    1.  Either the Accountant will need to purchase their own User licence (which they can then use for any/all client RAH file access once shared by the particular client)    OR   You can give the Accountant one of your existing Users (User Name & Password) for access, HOWEVER note only one person can be logged in under a particular user licence at one time so that particular User can't be used at the same time by someone else while the accountant's logged in with it.
    2. My understanding is that each Reckon Portal account needs a unique email address & can only be linked to one phone number at a time so to set up a secondary phone number, a new Reckon account would need to be created with a different email address.    @Rav can you please confirm ? 

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  • Bernessa Roost
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    Thank you Shaz :-) appreciate your feedback and assistance.

  • Rav
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    Hi @Bernessa Roost & @Acctd4

    Yes that's correct, each account can only have one phone number associated with it for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) codes. You can however share your STP entity with other users so they can process STP submissions. That other user must have their own account and their own phone number for MFA codes.

    I'll link a guide below which outlines the sharing process in more detail -

  • Bernessa Roost
    Bernessa Roost Member Posts: 14

    Rav, Thank you ever so much. We have success.