Setting up a tool allowance as a payroll item - assistance please

PJKennedyPJKennedy Member Posts: 9

HI all

I have an employee who has a tool allowance but I am not sure which items to select in the payroll item wizard. Could you assist please? ☺️


  • Alexander McKeownAlexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 37


    In this situation, you would need to create a new allowance item and confirm what type of allowance item it would fall under.

    You can do so by:

    1) Going into the administration cogwheel up in the top-right-hand corner.

    2) Go into Settings > Payroll settings > Pay items > Add.

    3) Set the pay item type as "Allowance".

    4) Set the appropriate allowance type.

    From there, you should be able to modify the allowance item to fit how much you pay the employee of that allowance.

  • PJKennedyPJKennedy Member Posts: 9

    Thank you so much Alexander! 😀

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