Accounts Plus 2020. Can't backup, verify or rebuild

Recently upgraded Accounts plus 2019 to 2020. Can't backup, verify or rebuild. Error code 0216270408. "Reckon accounts has experienced a problem and must be shut down. We apologize for the inconvenience"


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,894 Administrator

    Hi @terryclift

    Does this message only appear when you're attempting backup, verify & rebuild operations? ie. are you able to use other areas of the file normally?

    How large is your data file? Do you usually perform regular file maintenance?

    While it sounds like it could potentially be corruption related to the file, I'd recommend reviewing the steps in the help guide below to perform a clean uninstall & reinstall of the new 2020 edition first -

  • terrycliftterryclift Member Posts: 3

    OK but what happens to the entries I've made since it last allowed me to backup?

  • Data RecData Rec Reckon Staff Posts: 772 ✭✭✭

    Hi terryclift,

    Before you remove and then re-install the software, consider opening a totally different data file to the one that you are experiencing problems with.

    With that other data file, confirm whether you are able to perform the backup, verify and rebuild operations without experiencing the same problem.

    If the same problem does not occur on this new/other file then it confirms that the issue is isolated to your specific company data file, which means that removing and re-installing the software will make no difference.

    Your file will need to undergo analysis and possibly a repair.

    If the same problem continues, then it indicates that the problem is likely with the installed software, so go ahead and un-install then re-install the software.

    The recommendation to un-install and then re-install the software does not affect the information insider your data file.

    If you cannot use the backup function or the file integrity checking functions are failing then consider making a copy of the company data file (QBW) and storing it on an external hard disk, USB flash drive, online file storage, etc.


    Reckon Data Recovery Team

    You can request assistance via the case request web form below.

  • terrycliftterryclift Member Posts: 3

    Ok, I bit the bullet and got external help. (Thanks Kevin)

    Had to reinstall and now works ok, fingers crossed.

    Unfortunately lost all work done since upgrade to 2020 but had hard copies so entered all this years work again.

    Boy I find this product to be very flakey and updating filled with tension!

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