Invoices and GST

AshtonShearing Member Posts: 2

I have just generated my first invoice and it’s coming up GST inclusive which I dont want, I need it to calculate total amount plus GST but am unsure how to change this can someone please help me with this.


  • Rav
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    Hi @AshtonShearing

    Ensure that your items have a relevant tax code selected in their setup ie. GST - GST 10%

    Check your item setup by clicking on 'Items' on the left then click on the relevant item to see its configuration. You'll see the tax code dropdown there as well. Upon selecting a relevant tax code, your invoices will then show the tax component for that item.

  • AshtonShearing
    AshtonShearing Member Posts: 2

    Thanks I did manage to figure it out last night and find a way around it, Not a fan of the invoice template I I want my item amounts to show as a net figure on my invoices and add the GST on the invoice total at the bottom but it won’t allow that it’s inclusive regardless so I need to change the item amount to a gross amount so that the GST has essentially been added if that makes sense. Have just configured my invoice template to ‘not’ show the item qty amount when emailing/printing and added manually to description.