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When i create an invoice from an estimate, the template goes the PROGRESS TEMPLATE - which is currently inactive in my templates, but I had a template that I would like to use but I have to change the option of templates each time i do an invoice - can i set the template i would like to use each time as a FAVORITE OPTION or something?


  • Rav
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    Hi @wbac

    Select the template you wish to use and create your invoice as normal. When you're finished click the 'SAVE AND NEW' option rather than Save & Close. Hosted will remember the template selection the next time you create an invoice.

  • wbac
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    that is how I normally do the invoice - save & new (I normally have a few to do at a time) - but it still won't "remember" that I chose that template - it reverts back to the template "progress" - which I had made inactive hoping it wouldn't show up but it always does? I thought there may be something in the set up of ESTIMATES where it's converting back to that PROGRESS TEMPLATE option all the time?

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    Do the same as suggested with your ESTIMATEs as well

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