GST refund from ATO- how to enter

JasAshcroft Member Posts: 2

HI, I need to enter a refund from the ATO for GST paid to finish a bank reconciliation but the steps I was told to follow on How to tutorials don't seem to apply. Is it easiest to just enter a receive money under Money in?


  • Rav
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    Hi @JasAshcroft

    Was the tutorial you followed the one linked below?

    The video below outlines how to process a GST refund on your BAS in Reckon One.

  • JasAshcroft
    JasAshcroft Member Posts: 2

    That is not the steps I saw earlier and is much more helpful!! I can see how to do it now so that is awesome. The only problem I have now is that the refund amount in my program doesn't match the amount I was refunded by the ATO. Perhaps I entered more invoices after our accountant sent the BAS in.