Reckon Accounts Home and Business does not finish installing

Hi, I have downloaded my new 2021 Reckon Accounts Home and Business. The installation wizard gets to a point then goes no further. I have tried 3 times. One time it totally locked up my PC. Any advice welcome.


  • sterrill
    sterrill Member Posts: 2

    Hi, even though the wizard did not finish, the software is there an appears to work ok.

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,072 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @sterrill

    This sounds like a strange one. Glad to hear its working ok now but just out of curiosity, can you recall if there were any prompts or pop-ups that may have been opened in the background and awaiting action/acknowledgement at the time the install wizard stopped?

  • icue
    icue Member Posts: 1

    I had this problem with an earlier version.

    These are the solutions i found. 1 worked on some computers and 2 worked on others.

    ... Andrew !!


    1.Click on the Start button and type Services.msc into the search box;

    2.Scroll down the list to Print Spooler

    3.Right-click it and select Stop

    a.take note of any dependent services linked to the Print Spooler when stopped.

    b.Do not select the Restart option as this will not stop the dependent services that need to be stopped.

    4.Right-click the Print Spooler again and select start

    5.Close the Services Window

    6.Install Accounts Business 20**

    7.Open Accounts Business 20** and Activate

    8.Confirm that Accounts Business opens and closes properly

    9.Once confirmed installed and working you need to restart the dependent services of the Print Spooler as noted in 3 above

    a.Click on the Start button and type Services.msc into the search box;

    b.Scroll down to the first dependent service noted in 3 above;

    c.Right-click it and select Start;

    d.Repeat for all dependent services.

    10.Close the Services Window.


    1.Control Panel > Programs and Features

    2.Turn Windows features on or off

    3.Scroll down the list to Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 and tick the box.

    4.Click OK to save and exit.