Tax codes for items

Miranda Starkey
Miranda Starkey Member Posts: 7

My organisation is not registered for GST so I have tax turned off. I want to edit the description of one of my items and when I go to save it I get the following error:

  • Tax is set as included but no sales tax code selected

Any suggestions of how I can fix this please?


  • Deepak Gyawali
    Deepak Gyawali Reckon Staff Posts: 62 Reckon Staff

    Hi MIranda,

    I am guessing at one stage the book was set up to include tax and then the item was created and later the tax was turned off. What you may need to do is to toggle tax to On by going to cog wheel < settings < Tax < General - save it . Once done open the item that you need to make change and modify tax included field and save it. edit your description then save it , once all done, you can go back to tax settings and turn the option off for tax. Hope this will help.


    Deepak Gyawali