P&L reporting for only selected accounts?

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As a community choir, we have 100+ singers (customers). We run several concerts per year, and a P&L is required for each separate concert. Ticket sales and concert-specific expenses are tracked with appropriately named accounts.

I can find no way to create a P&L report in which I can select only those specific accounts which relate to a particular concert. What am I missing?


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    Does ANYONE have a solution to this problem? This is a killer requirement for me. If there is no solution in RECKON, I will have to try another vendor. Yet it is readily available in the app Reckon Personal 2018 that I currently use.

  • WSC_Treasurer
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    Further research suggests the PROJECTS module might do the job.

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    HI @WSC_Treasurer

    That's correct, you can report specific projects in your Profit & Loss Report not specific accounts.

    Check out more info on Projects here -

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    Where do I go in Projects to get detailed list of income/expense, profit/loss detail for a project. I can only find a total amount of Income/ Expense.