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System logs us off all the time now during the day when idle for just a few mins

DrRossHDrRossH Member Posts: 3

When this happens, we have to go back to the front screen and log off current users to log our selves out then start the log in process all over again. It never used to be like this. Why has this changed any one know?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hi @DrRossH

    Does anything happen to your PC or internet connection between the time you're using it normally and when you notice this occurring? ie. a drop in in your internet connection, PC going to sleep/hibernate etc?

    When you say it logs off, what happens specifically? ie. does something come up on-screen etc?

  • DrRossHDrRossH Member Posts: 3

    No nothing unusual happens to the internet connection. it just loses the connection to Reckon. We have 6 user IDs and they all do the same now. it did it in the time it took me to reply to this post.

    See attached screen shot. It never did this 12 months ago.

  • JudyAJudyA Member Posts: 17

    I'm getting the exact same thing. Multiple dropouts during the day. Using Google Chrome, computer is on, internet is working fine. It's very annoying. Sometimes it rights itself if I just close that screen and click on the Launch Accounts radio button, but most times I have to log off all sessions and log back in.

    @Rav, any suggestions on why this could be happening?

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