EOFY checks - Double up of payrun and super guarantee not showing on payroll summary

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After participating in yesterday's Reckon One Payroll and STP EOY webinar as this is the first EOFY for us using this payroll system, I went about trying to reconcile my entries before organising payment summaries and lodging STP EOFY entry. I was having trouble reconciling and have discovered the following errors:

  • my payrun on 7/12/20 has doubled up but only one file sent to STP, throwing out my totals on P&L
  • super guarantee for one employee on payrun 28/9/20 shows on payslip, payroll detail report, super contributions by employee report but not on payroll summary ($0 in company super). They are long term employee and not issues in any other payrun. This then has affected the figures sent to STP for that payrun as there shows no change in super amount from the previous payrun.

Could the system have glitched as I have no idea how either of these could have happened? I have sent off tickets for both issues separately but am wanting to find out how I can rectify these issues and finish EOFY before I go on leave end of next week.


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    Hi Jodie,

    Its hard to determine what could have caused this specifically but our tech support team may be able to identify it after investigating the tickets you've lodged.

    Just to confirm, as STP is reported on a Year to Date basis the subsequent submissions you've sent AFTER these will have updated your employee balances. So to clarify, even as you look at them now they are still incorrect, is that right?

    If so, to make corrections/amendments to employee balances you can do so by creating an Update Event. I'll link a guide below on this which will provide more info and outline how to use an Update Event in Reckon One -

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    The subsequent submissions that I've sent have updated the figures with the next payrun amounts but still hasn't allowed for the amount that was missing from 28/9/20. As the payroll summary report figure for this employee is still showing $0 in that payrun and the EOFY report is out by that amount, I don't think that submitting an updated event is going to help. All the other reports that I mentioned ie. payslip, payroll detail report and super contributions by employee report are showing the correct amount so I am lost as to why the payroll summary report is different for this one payrun. As this entry relates to Sept 2020, the employee has been paid the correct super according to the super contributions by employee report which is $180.72 more than the payroll summary report??