Manually enter Superannuation amounts

I have migrated from STP app to new free Payroll App. I work for a church where the Pastors as Minister of Religion gets paid part of their pay as Taxable Income, which I report to ATO, and part as an Exempt Benefit which I do not report to ATO.

I need to manually enter a Superannuation amount as their superannuation payment is calculated on both pay components but in your new app it only calculates the superannuation on the reportable part. So the Super payment calculated in the app will never be correct.


  • BC_Office
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    Hi Rav, can you please let me know how I overcome the issue I have in the above comments. Thanks

  • KenM
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    i Amin the same situation. Definitely need help with this one. Seems like a glitch in the software?

  • Peter Klomp
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    We have to pay superannuation according to the terms of our superannuation trust deed, which is 10% of all wages irrespective of $450 per month threshold. It is not a salary sacrifice amount and is not reportable on the Payment Summary. How do you do that in the new app?

  • Rav
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    The Payroll App will only calculate super once it reaches the current $450 threshold at this stage.

  • Jan_10108556
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    This app only records super on ordinary earnings & Super is payable on all “ordinary time earnings” (OTE), the earnings you pay an employee for their usual hours of work. OTE includes base rates, shift loadings, bonuses, commissions and most allowances. So the super is out. I also like most people on the old STP app do not pay super each pay period but monthly so super payments maybe out by a few cents. I also pay the super irrespective of $450 need to be able to manually alter the amount

  • Joseph Li
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    @Peter Klomp Try adding SG amount as an item in Initial YTD, then submit pay run that has nil calculated SG amount.

  • jodyt
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    Hello Rav, does that mean that the App will have this super issue fixed soon? I have not entered my 2 payroll runs for this month as yet as the super contribution will be incorrect.

  • Rav
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    Hi @jodyt

    The requirement for super to be paid on earnings below $450 hasn't passed into legislation yet (info from the ATO below)

    With that said though, we've heard the feedback from who users opt to pay super regardless and our app teams are looking into incorporating this into the Payroll App in the near future. This will come through as part of a larger payroll project that needs to happen though so it will be a little way off at this stage.

  • jodyt
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    Thank you for that information. Is there a work around for this issue though as I have not lodged my STPs for this financial year as yet as they will be incorrect. Should I hold off paying that employee's super until I can manually enter it in the app? Is that allowed?