Reckon Personal Plus 2021 "Num" field populating with false "TXRF" annotation.

Hello Team.

When I Import a QIF file from my bank the many transactions populate with a TXRF (transfer) in the "Num" field, when most of them are actually normal EFT payments. This causes me a huge amount of work going through hundreds of transactions, manually deleting this TXFR, to then be able to change the Category manually.

There must be a way I can change this field before I Import the file, or alternatively, change it before I "Accept" the transactions.

There doesn't appear to be any place on the "Memorised Payee" list to specify this, or on any other list.

Can anyone help me with this issue, please?


  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
    Datarec_ReckonLtd Reckon Staff Posts: 979 Reckon Staff

    Hi Shane,

    Open your file.

    Click on the Edit menu

    Select Find & Replace

    Then Find/Replace

    Adjust the parameters as needed.

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith Member Posts: 21

    Thanks for that hint, I will use this in future if I have a lot of transactions to go through.

    But by trial and error, I actually found a way to cut most of these downloading as TXFR in the download process. When populating the import screen:

    1.   Firstly, don’t tick any boxes on the Bank export screen.

    2.   On the import screen, select ‘Transactions’, ‘Memorised Payees’ and ‘Category’ in the Reckon ‘Import’ screen, but nothing else. this I found was the best variant of many I tried, to get rid of the ‘TXRF’ being populated in the ‘Num’ field.

    3.   Then open the Memorised Payee list screen (from the Tools or Cash Flow menu) in order to get the option of assigning Categories to particular Payees.

    4.   Before ‘Accepting’ imported transactions, make sure to check the ‘Renaming Rules for Downloaded Transactions’ list to see if all is correct.

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
    Datarec_ReckonLtd Reckon Staff Posts: 979 Reckon Staff

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for sharing also your findings which will surely assist others in the community.