Need help for 1. Edit pay run; 2. Edit EOFY report FY 20/21; 3. Can choose employee to declaration?

Good morning,

I have a few problems and need your help.

  1. I already migrate existing date form STP app to Payrool app base yesterday, i clicked on copy items from Previous pay run. However, pay run all $0. I tried to press Edit, get in there but can't change the $. pls find attched pictures. Edit super item: Super guarantee rate showed the employee's last name on it.


  • Rav
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    Hi Helen,

    I can't see any screenshots that you've mentioned but just to add some context, the 'Copy items' option applies to pay runs that you've created previously in the Payroll App (not migrated STP app data). It sounds like this is your first time trying to create a pay run in the Payroll App after migrating, is that correct?

    There is more info on how the 'Copy items' option works from the in-app help which I've attached a screenshot of below.

    Now in regard to the pay run you're creating after you click Edit you should be taken to a screen to create the items that make up that pay run eg. Earning items, Super, Tax etc etc. I'll add another screenshot of what that looks like below.

    I'll also link a help guide which outlines how to create a pay run in the Payroll App which I'd highly recommend checking out.

  • Helen_10317922
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    Hi Rav,

    I have done my 1 st pay run. All good now.

    Many thanks😊