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This discussion was created from comments split from: migrating from STP app to new STP app.


  • Leahehenson
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    Hi I was unable to migrate old data from stp app to the new app. I have put in gst branch number 2 in order to allow me to input any information into the new app, however this is not correct. I was unable to get any help for the app when I rang Reckon help, they advised that they don't support the app. I don't know how to remove the GST branch . I was also unable to migrate any data and had to re-input staff into the new app manually.

  • Rav
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    Hi Leah

    A different branch number should only be created if you actually hold that GST branch for your ABN in reality. From the sounds of it you don't have a branch 002 for your ABN, is that correct?

    Can I grab the ABN that you're trying to migrate over and I'll do a few checks on my end to see how things are setup.

    Please do NOT send any submissions for this branch 2 registration that you have created.