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Hi there, I have mistakenly submitted a pay run twice to the ato. I processed incorrectly one in the Payroll App (which is appearing in 2021/22 on the ato Stp) and one in the STP App (which appears correctly in 2020/21 on the ato stp records)

i have also noticed that the pay run processed in the Payroll App, appears in the pay run listing but am unable to make an adjustment and when I go to check the employees wages it has not been updated with the pay run entries.

Any help would be appreciated



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    @dhed From your description it appears the ATO Income Statement for FY2020/21 for the employee is correct. So all you need to do at some stage is run the EOFY 2020/21 report to finalise the Tax statement for the employee.

    The key question there is from which application (old STP or new Payroll) will you run that report? For this you need to be sure the 2020/21 YTD pay summary for the employee is showing correctly in the new Payroll app in order to run this report as you seem to have already migrated across.

    The problem of the extra 2021/22 payrun in the new Payroll app is the next issue. If the employee wages is not updated I am assuming you mean the FY2021/22 Income Statement in employees ATO / Mygov is not showing this transaction. This means it will also not be showing in the ATO Business Portal STP transactions. This means you maybe able to fix the issue within the Payroll app before you make any new Payruns for 21/22.

    As you have not given any description of what behaviour you are seeing from the app when you try to make the adjustment it is harder to suggest any options. Adjustment payrun works very different to what it was in old STP. I am not sure you need to make any adjustment if the Payrun has not been registered in the ATO records. It might simply need a deletion and you can start a new payrun for next pay. But you need to confirm if this is ok, i.e., the payrun has not been sent anywhere.

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    Thanks so much for your response.

    Just to clarify: I migrated all data in mid June from STP to PAYROLL APP.

    20/21 EOFY tax statements were finalised via old STP. No issues there. Employees YTD are all correct and have balanced with what appears on the employee tax statement via Mygov/Ato and in the Business Portal for FY 20/21.

    The issue is the duplication of this amount. Unfortunately I entered quarterly figures Apr-Jun in both Old STP App and New payroll app.

    The reason for this is: I tried to submit the pay run to the ATO via the new app and it had issues processing. So I went back to the old STP APP and processed it there with success.

    I then realised the original PAYROLL APP pay run eventually was submitted to the ATO. When I checked in the Business Portal under STP EMPLOYEES, I saw the duplicate pay runs relating to:

    FY20/21 pay run via the STP App.

    FY21/22 pay run ( mistakenly processed) via the PAYROLL APP

    I noticed this PAYROLL APP pay run was allocated to 21/22 fin year. I think this is probably because the PAYROLL APP had an issue with displaying the 20/21 payment summary and I couldn’t select it so automatically was allocated to 21/22.

    I will definitely need to make an adjustment to the ATO as these figures in 21/22 displaying in STP EMPLOYEES via the business portal are incorrect.

    My main issue is:

    I can see the duplicate Payrun in the PAYROLL APP listed under pay runs but am unable to select it to make an adjustment.

    i realise in the old app I was able to do this however every time I select the + to create a new adjustment it takes me to a screen that just explains what to do not to the actual screen where I can make an adjustment.

    My second issue is:

    Why isn’t the duplicate payrun from the PAYROLL APP which was processed to the ato and appears in the Business portal and on the employees income statement for 21/22 not be updated in the PAYROLL APP under the employees payment summary for 21/22?

    Although this entry is incorrect shouldn’t it still appear in the pay summary for 21/22 if it’s been processed and submitted to the ato?

    I really appreciate your help as I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this new app!!

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    @dhed I was hoping someone from the Reckon community support team would have posted some suggestions by now.

    I am keen to help as a fellow community member but hope I don't mislead you.

    There was a lot of warning from Reckon help posts not to go back to STP app once data was migrated to Payroll App. So this might have compounded the problems you observe considering you seem to have gone back and forth due to some issues at EOFY 2021 in Payroll App.

    Now coming to adjustment of Payrun - my understanding is in Payroll app you don't use the "+"key to create an adjustment. It is misleading though as you found out. In the Payrun list next to Done there is a ">" key. Press that and then the 3 dots ... on top right. From here you run the "edit pay run (revert to draft)" function. But I am not too sure what adjustments you are required to make. I am just giving you the process of making adjustments to payruns in Payroll App.

    Sorry can't help any further in your situation.

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    Mines not working either, I migrated over but did not realise it took a while to transfer my one employee over, I added her as it said no employees listed, entered her pay runs and after it finished everything it downloaded the original so I've got two pay runs for two clone employees, the adjustment says to go into paying and make adjustment as I need to zero one set of data but when I enter the payrun there isn't anything to press to do an alteration.

    How on earth do I do it, my accountant says it needs sorting but I don't see how. Can reckon not delete the clone? Ive put it in archieved.

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    @Ghostly I've just responded to the new discussion thread you've created.