Reckon Data File New Financial Year

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I have taken on new client with Reckon one, and the datafile is messy from previous bookkeeper. Is it possible to start a new clean data file for the financial year end. And will this effect the monthly fee subscription. As I have to redo 20/21 FYE records, and it would be cleaner to start afresh. Any ideas if this possible please.


  • Rav
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    Hi Karina,

    Reckon One has a 'book' structure and the subscription cost is based per book so if you were to create a brand new book for this client it would be a separate subscription to the current one.

  • Karina_9242901
    Karina_9242901 Member Posts: 17

    Are we able to cancel the current book subscription and re-start with new subscription. My Client has been on zero for the past two years, so I'd be bringing in opening balances from 1/7/21, as the current datafile hasn't been used since April 2020.