Frozen Screen - Create Payment - Reckon 2021 R2

Karyn_Carracher Member Posts: 5

I have just completed entering the payroll and clicked on create payment and the screen has frozen with the following message:-

I have tried Alt Page Up and Alt Page Down and nothing happens. I am unable to exit out of the warning by clicking on OK or X.

I do not want to lose all my data - can anyone please help?

Thank you



  • Karyn_Carracher
    Karyn_Carracher Member Posts: 5

    I have managed to get past the error above but I am now unable to Create Payment - each time I click on it I receive a warning "Unable to create paycheques"

  • Acctd4
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    @Karyn_Carracher This message is indicating you are trying to create a Paycheque of $ 0 value. Review the Payroll Items on your Pays & either remove or amend those with no value.

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  • Karyn_Carracher
    Karyn_Carracher Member Posts: 5

    Hi Shaz

    I removed the paycheque with the $0 value and then attempted to create payment but continued to receive errors. I have now gone back and clicked in to every transaction and then closed and saved and this appears to have fixed the problem.

    Thank you for responding to my query - I truly appreciate it.

  • Eric Murphy
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    Thanks for this Shaz, it was helpful to me as well 😊