How to enter total figures for STP without Rekon payroll calculations

Hi, I've migrated from the STP app to Rekon Payroll app, but cant see how toenter just the total figures for the STP submission. The payrun wants to calculate everything and I dont need that, it doesnt suit my business. I want to submit my STP with just enetering total values for Gross pay, tax witheld and super. The tax part looks fine but the others are not.

How do I just enter these 3 values for STP, without the app wanting to calculate everything?

( the simplicity of the STP App was what I liked about Rekon STP)


  • Rav
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    Hi Peter,

    The Payroll App works by creating actual pay runs and sending this data to the ATO via your STP submissions. This will be particularly important when the ATO's Single Touch Payroll phase 2 kicks in which requires stricter itemization of certain pays and what they are made up of.

    The STP app and its reporting method of just entering in a balance in manually will no longer be compliant under STP phase 2 and as such we need a payroll-centric solution in order for our users to remain compliant with their reporting.

    I'd recommend checking out the info in the help guide below, it will assist in getting you started with how to create a pay run in the Payroll App -

  • Peter_10767167
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    Thanks Rav. I didnt want to hear that ! :-)