STP migration

I previously migrated from STP to the payroll and can see the previous successful STP submissions the Employees came across but their records are incomplete is there a way to get the full employee details to come across?


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    Hi @johanvanderwalt

    The Payroll App requires a bit more employee info than the previous STP app did as this one calculates actual payruns and the various components that make up those payruns eg super, tax scales etc.

    Now that you've migrated over you'll need to complete the tabs within the employee profile with the required info in order for it to save successfully.

    You need to ensure you complete ALL tabs in the employee profile with the necessary information for it to save successfully. You may need to swipe across to view the other tabs and I'll attach a screenshot below to hopefully illustrate what I mean.

  • johanvanderwalt
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    Our only Employees are non executive Directors who are paid quarterly and have no leave what do I select in that situation?