Terminated employee appear on EOFY report


I have updated the reckon Payroll last week, and I have termniation date for this employee who has terminated on March 2019, and I also have archived this employee. But her name still appear on 20-21 end of financial report with 0 values. What should I do?




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    Hi Belinda,

    I've copied a response I posted to a similar post a few days ago below -

    The UI in the app definitely needs some improvement on how it handles/retrieves employees within this situation and I've got our app team re-examining this. I believed the termination date field via the new 2.11.15 update was the solve for this situation but it obviously needs some more work. Its certainly an area that will create some confusion as it has here so we need to get that sharpened up ASAP.

    The second thing is I've confirmed with the devs that while these $0.00 employees are appearing in the 2020/21 EOFY finalisation, they will be ignored when the report actually goes through to the ATO. So if you're holding back on sending the 2020/21 finalisation because of this, please go ahead and do so. I know its not ideal, but rest assured, that when you submit the EOFY report, only those employees who have been paid will be transmitted to the ATO.

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    Thanks. I will submit the EOFY.