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  • Joseph Li
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    Hi Rav. I have a question on editing figures in the ‘initial YTD’ tab. Say the gross earnings figure is $45000. The correct gross earnings figure is $50000. The screen says ‘add an item’. Normally I would take it to mean adding a gross earnings item of $5000 so total of the two items would become $50000. But ‘add an item’ usually is not the same as ‘edit an item’.

  • Rav
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    Hey @Joseph Li

    Just thought I'd split your comment here to its own discussion just so I can get a bit more info.

    For some context though, when an STP app user migrates to the Payroll app, the total sum of the STP submissions sent from that app will be put into the 'Initial YTD' tab and the balances will appear here as well. Its essentially like you've moved to a whole new STP solution, which for all intents and purposes you have, so its the starting balance for your employees in the Payroll app.

    The gross pay balance will be migrated as an Ordinary Earnings item and the balance will appear in the 'Initial YTD' tab as well. Now, if you press 'Add Item' at this stage you can add a new earnings item but it won't present the Ordinary Earnings item option as its already in use ie. which means you need to edit the existing item.

    I've created a quick screen recording which hopefully illustrates what I mean a bit better.