how do I manually input super guarantee amount?

When the super was paid it was rounded up to the nearest dollar. When I do a pay run on Reckon it automatically calculates the SG amount but it doestn't match what was paid. It's only out by $1.62 so adjusting the SG rate is not accurate enough for it to match. Is there another way to overide?


  • Rav
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    edited August 2021

    The super guarantee rate can only be customised from within the pay run and the field accepts values up to 4 decimal places on Payroll App v2.12.9 and higher.

    What are you values are you inputting ?

  • Richard21
    Richard21 Member Posts: 17

    Thanks Rav. I have the latest update. I've now gone to 5 decimal places and it's correct. 4 decimal places was still out - by 1c. lol