Dividends in Reckon One

Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane Member Posts: 38

Just wondering how you would set this up in Reckon One so you can pay out a dividend? Thanks!


  • HPurohit
    HPurohit Member Posts: 1

    How to enter, Dividends with Franking Credit in Reckon One?

    hope someone can elaborate with something similar to the thread at Entering Dividend payments into Reckon Hosted — Reckon Community

  • Jean_10862158
    Jean_10862158 Member Posts: 47

    Are you wanting to enter a dividend received or a dividend paid. The example you found is for dividends received. This example is fine for that purpose.

    But your question appears to be about dividends paid by your company to shareholders. If so, has your accountant already set up or entered entries for the declaring of the dividend and its attached franking credit? In which case you would have a balance in "Dividends Payable" in the balance sheet, so that when you physically pay out the dividend, the amount paid get debited to "Dividends Payable" and the other side to the bank account it was paid from. You would do this in "Money Out", and "Make a payment".

    Hopefully this is sufficient, but if not, please advise more details.