Payroll App Update v2.12.16 - Improved employee profile info validation

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Reckon Payroll App Update v2.12.16

The Reckon Payroll App has received an update to v2.12.16 which is available to download from your app store.

Employee information validation improvements

We've made some much needed improvements to the way employee information is validated when you attempt to create a new employee or complete the profile of an employee migrated from the old STP app.

If you attempt to save an employee profile without full information being completed in each of the tabs, the app will now take you back to the respective tab that requires information. It will also display a message at the top detailing exactly which information is missing that requires your attention.

If you are missing information in more than one tab, the app will take you back to the first tab with missing information. You will also see a red dot symbol on each tab that contains incomplete information.


Check out the screen recording below for an example on how the new process works in the v2.12.16 update. The example shows an incomplete employee profile attempting to be saved but is missing information in two tabs. Upon attempting to save, the Payroll App directs you back to the first tab that requires missing info to be completed. A subsequent attempt at saving the still-incomplete profile then immediately switches to the next tab that requires information. Once entered, the save then completes successfully.

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