I had used the free app STP piror the FY2022. I did the migration at the beginning July . Cant sign

Hi there, i used the free STP app before and did the migration to new free basic plan at beginning of july 2021. I did not do any transaction because of covid lockdown until now. But I cannot sign in because my password not valid and no record of account. Please advise what happened and how to fix this. I don't want to lose my previous records.

Thanks in advance


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    @FotoDirect Looks like something the Reckon Community support team may have to look into. To confirm if your data was successfully migrated to the new Payrol App you can check on this website - Reckon Payroll

    Hope your login Id and password are still active. The system will send you SMS for authentication.

    Also confirm if you are using the latest Payroll app on your phone - 2.12.16

  • FotoDirect
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    Originally after i did the transfer from early july, i signed in the new app. It was ok to log in. But couple days ago i tried again. It sais invalid password. So i reset the password but once logged in. I went in settings, there is no record of the previous company setup and other details. It is like a brand new account.

    Could reckon support give me any ideas whats wrong?

    Or other forum members can help me how to contact reckon support telephone number?

    Thank you

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @FotoDirect Reckon may not be offering any phone support for the Payroll App. However, they are very good at responding in this Forum. You may have to be a bit patient though.

    As I mentioned in the meantime do check if the web view link I provided in previous comment works and if so what do you see in your account. It is unclear from your message if you have checked the web view or is the company data missing from the phone app after you logged in.

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    Hi @FotoDirect

    After you did the migration back in July, were you able to view your data in the Payroll App after the migration had completed? If so, and from what you've described it sounds like you might now be logging in with different credentials than what your account is registered under.

    Can you shoot me your ABN and I'll take a look at where/how your account is currently setup.