Payroll App Update v2.18.9 - Pay Schedules

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Reckon Payroll App Update v2.18.9

The Reckon Payroll App has received a new update to version v2.18.9 which is now available to download from your app store.


The ability to create pay schedules has been introduced to the Reckon Payroll App!

The pay schedule functionality will allow you to create schedules for pay runs that occur at set frequencies eg. fortnightly, monthly etc and attach employees to them. Its a great way to streamline the pay run process and will automatically keep updating your pay periods and pay dates as you progress.

The Pay schedule functionality is exclusive to the Premium plan in the Payroll App and will allow you access and create pay schedules in both the Payroll App mobile app and web access. If you are currently on the free basic plan and would like to upgrade to Premium, you can do so by tapping the 'Upgrade' button in your app and follow the prompts to subscribe via your app store.

Check out our help guides and how-to video linked below for more info on the Pay Schedule feature in the Reckon Payroll App.

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