The compression when Printing Invoices with logo.jpg image to PDF file is WAY TO HIGH !

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Yes, when I print an Invoice (or any document) to PDF, the file compression is set way to high !

Your JPG business logo image in that document is therefore savagely pixelated and looks horrible. I cannot see any setting in Reckon One to change the PDF compression to a higher quality.

Do any other users encounter this issue? Is this something that should be submitted to the Suggestion Forum?

=>> Or can Reckon simply adjust the PDF compression to improve the PDF print quality for all users ?

That would be nice ! πŸ˜‰



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,191 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @IT_ZAP

    Out of curiosity if you resize your logo image outside of Reckon One to the dimensions and file size that Reckon One accepts (see screenshot) and print it (again outside of Reckon One), is the image quality the same as what you see on your printed invoice that has been generated from within Reckon One?

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  • IT_ZAP
    IT_ZAP Member Posts: 2 ✭

    Thanks for the reply @Rav

    The business logo image size is exactly as recommended; 470px x 125px, 300dpi.

    Designed in Adobe Illustrator and exported as JPG image, maximum quality. I am a Web Designer and have long time experience with graphic software.

    When I view the exported JPG logo image I created, it is perfect. But after uploading into the Reckon One Professional Invoice Template and printing a PDF invoice, my JPG logo gets trashed.