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Hello, I've just starting using Reckon One and noticed that when filling out, for instance, reference or details in make payment window, that as you type Reckon One will show previous entries so you don't have to type the whole word again. What I can't work out is that it is very random. Words that I've only used once keep popping up if i start with the same first letter, but other words I've used many times do not. Done a search in the community and google, looked through the user guide, can't find a mention of the process anywhere.


  • Rav
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    Hi Geoff,

    What you've described isn't a Reckon One function but rather its coming from your internet browser.

    For example, I personally use Google Chrome and its has a function called Autofill which allows the browser to suggest entries to forms/common fields eg. addresses, names, dates etc.

    See the screenshot example below, the entry Google is suggesting for that field is something I've entered on a site elsewhere that it thinks may be relevant to the 'Make Payment' form I'm completing in Reckon One.

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  • Geoff_7883036
    Geoff_7883036 Member Posts: 7

    Hello Rav,

    Thanks for your response. I use Firefox but your your answer makes sense. It still is strange how the browser keeps suggesting a phrase that is unique to me using Reckon One while ignoring others that are more common. I'll try another browser and see if it's more accurate. I've just changed from 20 odd years of Quickbooks/Reckon Accounts to Reckon One, and am transferring a lot of account entries from when I retired in June 2020, as I don't want Reckon One to include any reference to my business and GST etc. The Autofill was a bit of a bonus in doing this. Thanks again for solving my mystery.