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I am looking for accounting software for my small business and Reckon One is currently top of the list, but I need to know about paypal integration for existing subscriptions.

I have a number of clients who pay for services on a monthy subscription through paypal. I cannot afford to ask them to re set-up their payments. Can Reckon One connect to my Business Paypal Account and import and manage the subscription payments, and if so, without having to re set up the subscriptions?

Happy to provide more detail if required.

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    Hi @Dicire

    Paypal is available as a payment method for invoices that are created and sent from Reckon One.

    You'll need to link your Paypal account to Reckon One in order for this to happen and I'll link a guide below which contains more info on how it works with Reckon One -

    When you send out an invoice via email to a customer they have the ability to pay via Paypal, they'll just need to click the 'Pay Now' button (screenshot below) and they'll then be directed to the Paypal login page to complete the payment.

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    So, by omission, that would be a "no, it can't" answer.