Reckon One: Allocating pay run transaction from bank feed data

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Hi all,

Single employee, cash accounting business.

I've processed pay runs as per RECKON ONE - Paying Payroll Transactions youtube video.

I am unable to complete the steps following Pay Run in the Money Out>Make a Payment section as I am unable to to enter an amount under 'how much to allocate'

I want to reconcile this payment in my Bank transactions feed.

When I allocate the payment in the Bank Transaction screen, it then appears in my Reckon One transactions as a duplicate entry categorized as CLEARED and my pay run entry also sits there as UNCLEARED.

In simple terms when I'm allocating data from my bank feed to Reckon - it won't allocate to the Reckon Pay Run data / entry. It only shows up as a duplicate entry of the same information, one clear one uncleared.



  • realrisk
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    Did you figure this issue out as I have the exact same problem on my end.