Outgrowing Account Premier Desktop - Do I move to Hosted or are we too big for Reckon now ?


We use Reckon Accounts Desktop with a few companies/company files. The product generally suits our requirement but files are growing significantly due to our large number of invoices, customers and also payroll used on 1 of the companies for a high number of employees. Two of our company files are now over 1GB each and used in multiuser with 12 licenses

We want to move away from company file maintenance like purging records, rebuilding files and needing to start new company files to reduce file sizes and improve performance. In fact, we are unable to use the rebuild function at all on our larger file as this resets YTD figures which Reckon Support team was unable to resolve for us

Would the Reckon Hosted option perform better for larger requirements like this being Enterprise? Or are we maybe now just too large for this product?

Does Reckon Hosted remove the need to perform maintenance on company files and who is responsible for backups of the company files with hosted?

Happy to discuss options further with a Reckon Team Member or Partner



  • Rav
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    Hi Alex,

    There is a somewhat similar discussion that was created a couple of days ago that you might find useful HERE.

    Would the Reckon Hosted option perform better for larger requirements like this being Enterprise?

    Reckon Accounts Hosted and by association, Reckon Accounts Enterprise (desktop) have higher list limit capacities along with other additional functionality. It is however, subject to the same maintenance processes that your existing Reckon Accounts desktop software requires eg. file backups, verify/rebuild etc to ensure you're getting the best performance from your file.

    We do have another cloud service called Reckon One (info linked below) which operates on a vastly different technology platform to Reckon Accounts. and as such. is not subject to the maintenance steps on your end as a user.

    It is comprehensively different to Reckon Accounts however both in terms of functionality and workflow so with this I'd suggest trialing Reckon One to ensure it fully meets your requirements.

    In relation to your existing large files, is there routine/regular maintenance carried out on these files such as creating a portable version of the company file, cleaning up DB file fragments etc?

  • Omar_ReckonLtd
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    Please be aware that if you are considering moving your existing data to Reckon One, especially if you wish to recreate multiple years of historical information, that it will incur fees for data migration.

    Switching from a desktop based Reckon Accounts to the Reckon Accounts Hosted platform will not incur any data file migration fees since you can upload the existing QBW file or a QBB backup file and open that in the Reckon Accounts Hosted application.

    We recommend that you create a trial account and upload a copy of one of your larger data files as well as a smaller file, so you can compare the performance between the desktop and Hosted platform.