Email Invoices

Why is it that when I change the Customer:Job name on a saved invoice it does not change the email recipients when I send it using send forms? And sends to the previous Customer:Job email address instead? (Until I send it again it comes up with the correct recipient.) Is this a glitch?



  • Bruce
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    You need to update the email address. See yellow highlight below.

    You also need to re-memorise the original transaction. This is because memorised transactions/reports are designed to remember things that you specifically define so are not always automatically changed with other systems changes.

  • Accounts_10862562
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    I have all the correct emails for my Customer:Jobs. This only happens when I change a Customer:Job on the invoice (previous customer incorrect), save and close and then send via send forms or email directly from the invoice without save and close. I think it should update the email addresses for the changed (Not new) customer:Job automatically, not after you send the form.