Cannot Migrate to the new Reckon Payroll App from the Reckon STP App.

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When I choose "Yes, migrate from STP app" on my phone, I receive the error "Failed to create gov connect subscription". recommended to try migration from a desktop browser at with the same credentials as STP app. 

When I attempt this I get "Something went wrong Migration wasn't completed successfully. This could be due to several reasons. Visit our migration FAQ page or try again."

The migration page FAQ ( gave suggestions for the 'Something went wrong' error message. 

Date of birth and email were missing for some employees, so I added those in the Reckon STP App. 

The Company details look fine. 

I also have no Reckon One Subscriptions. 

Trying migration again after doing that gave the same error.

N.B., I did observe a web socket error and also a GraphQL error in dev tools in chrome when I attempted to migrate the data. I've included the screenshot.

The web socket error included "phx_reply",{"response":"Broken User ID","status":"error"}

The GraphQL error was "Operation: payrollweb_migration_createGovConnectSubscription, Message: 404: Not Found, Code: INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR"

ABN is 35 447 024 316

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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