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David Morris
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As a NZ-based Reckon One user I need Payroll (which Reckon One does not natively support for NZ), so would you:

a) sign up for a complimentary third-party service

b) upgrade to Reckon Accounts Hosted (which natively supports Payroll)

I ask, because I have been looking at a third-party solution and have got stuck with no payroll accounts in my Chart of Accounts (like PAYE, KiwiSaver, etc. etc.), feeling really out my depth, and not getting much support in resolving that from either party.

For comparison, Reckon Accounts Hosted would be $10 per month more than I currently pay to run books for 2 companies plus the third-arty payroll ... combined cost of c.$58 per month. I would gladly pay that for peace of mind and ease of use, if Accounts Hosted is as simple as Reckon One.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Rav
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    Hi @David Morris

    For Reckon One I'd highly recommend checking out the payroll functionality delivered through our add-on partners such as Crystal Payroll and SmoothPay. They are both designed specifically for NZ payroll requirements and integrate with Reckon One.

    In terms of Reckon Accounts Hosted, its quite radically different to Reckon One from both a technology, features/functionality and workflow perspective. Its a fair bit more feature-rich than Reckon One currently and has a deeper level of reporting. You can also have as many company files as you wish within one Reckon Accounts Hosted subscription which may come in handy for you as you've mentioned you are running books for 2 companies.

    There will most certainly be a re-learning curve with Hosted to understand how it works so my recommendation would be to take the option of a free 30 day trial to give it a test drive to see if its right for you. I'll link some info below -