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  • robynlec
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    been with reckon 1 approx 4 months when i read features i was sure it said it could accomidate two companys which it has,bank data,reconciliation etc all working untill trying to bas statment,it will only allow 1 company.Sales said that dosn,t seem right,tech support says i need to buy another book and re enter everything for that seperate company.Can anyone say if thats correct

  • Rav
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    Hi @robynlec

    I'm sorry to hear there's been a bit of miscommunication here.

    To confirm, each Reckon One book accommodates one business. If you're attempting to do the accounts/reporting for a second business it will need to be in a separate Reckon One book. You can add a second book within the same account by clicking 'Add Product' in the top right corner and then choose Reckon One. The second book will have its own separate subscription.