STP reporting show blank in gross payment

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hi There,

My accountant preparing the Company's BAS submission. When they access to ATO to download the STP reporting, one of the event show Blank amount (See attached)

And I have checked on my Payroll apps, everything was seem okey. (see attach.)

So, I have been Resubmit to ATO twice and still Showing Blank in the report.

Hope someone able to assist on this!


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    @John Lim As far as I can tell, in ATO Business portal the Adjustment (update event) payruns are reported without the amount. Your best option is to check if the YTD report for employee(s) within Payroll app is showing correct amounts and also if possible the YTD income statement of employee(s) in their ATO MyGov is showing correct amounts.

    In the screenshot you are showing the Payrun view in Payroll app. Is the corresponding STP view showing success status as well?

    It is possible the Fortnightly payrun on 27Nov was lodged as an Adjustment payrun instead of a normal. It is very easy to make this mistake.

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    Hi @John Lim

    I'm going to edit your opening post above to remove the first screenshot as it contains some info that is best not made public.

    In regard to your query, when you perform an Update Event ie. when editing/adjusting balances it adjusts employee data only ie. there is no employer component to those update event submissions which is why it only shows that an entry has been received in the ATO Business Portal but doesn't show the detail ie. balances/figures.

    Employee data however on the other hand gets updated so when they login to their MyGov they'll see whatever was modified.

  • John Lim
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    To my understanding, any date that it's overdue when you resubmit to ATO, always remember to un-tick the "Submit as an Adjustment" before submit to ATO again.

    Therefore, the even always been shown as "Update Event" and not Pay Event.