Edit EOFY 20/21 payroll summary

My accountant has asked me to revise our payroll Reckon submission to ATO because there is a discrepancy in the numbers between our myob payroll and what's been submitted to ATO via Reckon. I was using the free Reckon STP last FY, I moved over to the free Payroll app basic this FY. How do I access and edit last EOFYs payroll submission to the ATO? There's no data from last EOFY in the new Payroll app basic. All I can see is this FY's payroll data.


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    @joanne moylan It might be worth confirming whether you did not follow the STP data migration option when you converted to Payroll app. In which case the 20/21 payrun data for each employee should have migrated across.

    Otherwise you will have to manually create the FY20/21data for each employee in Payroll app using the Employee Initial YTD amounts for 20/21 tab in Payroll app. Assuming you have not sent any 20/21 Payruns from the Payroll App you may have to first send a NIL payrun for each employee on a date like 30 June 2021. Then run the EOFY 20/21 Payrun report to finalise the YTD submission to ATO. You cannot use STP app anymore.


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    Hi Joanne,

    Did you perform the EOFY finalisation submission in the old STP app OR did you migrate your data over to the Payroll App and then submit the EOFY from the new app?

    If its the latter then you'll find your migrated submission data from the old app in the 'STP' tab in the Payroll App.

    If you can give us some more info on your specific situation then we'll be able to recommend the best path forward for you.

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    Hi Rav,

    It was the former.

    Afterwards I moved to Payroll App.

    We have 2 employees. Between ATO and MYOB: there is a discrepancy of $917 in wages for 1 employee, and a discrepancy of $316 in Tax for 1 employee and $26 for the other employee.

  • Rav
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    Ok thanks for that Joanne.

    When you moved over to the Payroll App did you opt to migrate your data OR did you decide to start fresh/new from the 2021/22 financial year?

    The reason I ask that is, if you've migrated your data over you can stick with the Payroll App and make the necessary corrections in the new app.

    If you've opted to migrate your data from the old STP app then all you need to do is update the balances in the 'Initial YTD' tab in the employee profile in the Payroll App to what you'd like/need them to be. Screenshot example to the left of my 2020/21 FY tab.

    Once you've updated the balances you'll need to send through a new 2020/21 EOFY finalisation from the Payroll App.

    The updated balances will then be sent through to the ATO and any previous balances overwritten with the new EOFY finalisation.

    If you decided not to migrate your data over to the Payroll App and instead start fresh from the current 2021/22 FY then here's what I'd recommend, however I can't 100% guarantee it will work as the old STP app is now well into retirement. Please note, you need to still have access to the STP app.

    • Login to the STP app
    • Check your employee details, balances and previous EOFY submission
    • If the 2020/21 balances are incorrect then amend them using an Update Event - info here
    • Once that has gone through and the employee 2020/21 pay summary balances are correct you'll need to send through a new 2020/21 EOFY finalisation from the STP app to overwrite and finalise the previous balances.

    I know that's a fair bit of info and hopefully it makes sense but if you have any questions let me know.