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We are using Payroll App basic at the moment with only 2 staff.

We sold the current motel business, and going to star a new motel business and will have more staff, and we will upgrade to Payroll Premier after we star the new motel business. Both motels under 1 company name. But the login email address will belong to the new business owner after they take over the current motel. So we need to change the login email address but keep the same company name and account for the new motel business.

Could you show me how to change login email address, please? I couldn't find the way in the Payroll App - in Payroll App, only can change the company detail but the login email address still the same old one.

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    Hi Crystal

    If you'd like to change the login email address for your Payroll App account you can do so by following the steps below -

    • Logout of your Payroll App account
    • Head over to
    • Sign in with your existing Payroll App login credentials
    • Click on 'Profile' in the top right corner
    • Edit the email address and any other details you wish here, you can also revoke the existing phone number assigned to your Multi Factor Authentication codes here if you need to do that
    • Sign in to the Payroll App with your new email address

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